Before/After Animations Of Post-Production

22 June 2015
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If you’ve never worked on an advertising campaign before, you may be surprised by the amount of work that goes into creating the composite images behind creative ads. Ashot Gevorkyan is a retoucher and photographer based in Russia, and luckily for us, he’s just posted a series of .gif animations capturing different stages of his post-production workflow.

Go behind-the-scenes with the .gifs below, and view more of Ashot’s photography on his website.

“One of the photos for the calendar BFA Bank (St. Petersburg), 2012.
2 photos are combined here. The background can be seen where the bank itself and the foreground, running girl. All photographed at one location.”


“Photos for the calendar of “MARTEN” (Vologda 2014). Picture taken in the parking lot, some dancers pose taken from the other pictures. Background is urban, hip-hop style.”


“Not a commercial picture titled “Revenge.” just for fun. Collage of three photos. Separately, the background long exposure, foreground with the character and the character of the girl.”


“One of the photos for the calendar of “MARTEN” (Vologda 2014).
photo was taken in the parking lot. Background and the atmosphere should be gently mimic the disco style.”


“Advertising Shops airsoft equipment (Kaliningrad 2013).
All the characters are photographed separately on studio background and combined with the ready background.”


You can find examples of Gevorkyan’s finished retouching work over on his website.


Author Ashot Gevorkyan