Food photography tips

20 April 2015
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Ever notice how the food you buy from McDonald’s tends to look a bit well, underwhelming, compared to the giant-sized photographs of their burgers they use on their menus? If so, rest assured you’re curiosity doesn’t stand alone. A Canadian woman recently emailed the fast-food giants to ask them the exact same question. McDonald’s graciously responded with a 3 1/2-minute long video clip explaining why as they take us on a behind-the-scenes tour of a Quarter Pounder photo-shoot (and it has received 10 million views) See it here:

The side-by-side comparison of the burger purchased from the store and the burger made in the studio makes us wish that McDonalds would put that much effort into making all their burgers look so large and delicious.


It seems that what McDonald’s is basically trying to tell us it that they aren’t attempting to deceive their customers, in fact, they’re saying it’s just the opposite. The point of going through all the troubles they take to create these arguably unrealistic food photographs is to show customers exactly what ingredients they will be served with their meal.


Author Tiffany M