Simplicity in commercial product photography

14 April 2015
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In the world of product photography, simplicity is a common element. It is very eye-catching and often exudes a sort of elegance. Somewhat ironically, however, simplicity is often one of the most difficult things to achieve. The video below shows a photo shoot for Jameson Whiskey in which the photographers attempt a very simple and minimalist style. What may surprise you is how many people and how much work it takes to create such a minimalist photo:


Some things that should be considered when trying to create a simple image:

  • Lighting – Basic white, or neutral, lighting is usually the best. Mixed lighting is often distracting to the viewer.
  • Color – Keeping the number of colors to a minimum is best, and the colors you choose should work according to the color wheel. They may be complementary, analogous, triadic, etc.
  • Text – Words should also be kept to a minimum or be organized in a way that keeps the viewer’s eyes from darting back and forth across the image
  • Composition – This is usually when you want to stick to the rule of thirds. Horizontally or vertically symmetrical images work very well for minimalist compositions.

bottle rig

still life drink

whiskey glass

As the video shows, it may take several people and a rather complicated set-up to create minimalist imagery, but the results are well worth it.


Author Spencer Seastrom